Monday 10 March 2014

The Home of Nynne Rosenvinge

Danish artist, Nynne Rosenvinge, creates beautiful, quite minimalist and contemporary paintings and illustrations. Her home is equally as stunning, in fact I could stare at this photo of her living room all day long! There's so much I love about it... the hero is Nynne's own painting, which is incredible! The busyness of the wall cabinets, and the colours in the painting and rug are off-set by the simple, clean lines of the furniture. And the Ferm Living diamonds hung from the ceiling lead your eye up along the line of the ceiling and balance the brass and purple lamp.

The roof line is quite a feature in the home. The sky light and window bring a lot of natural light into the dining area. I love how the curves found in the table and chairs, and in Nynne's artwork help to balance all the home's structural angles.

A little Ikea stool painted neon orange brings a splash of colour to the kitchen.

The Ferm Living wallpaper in the entrance brings a touch of darkness to the otherwise light home. It sets off the Eames Hang-It-All beautifully, and the tiny mushroom hook at a child's height is adorable.

The little collection on the table perfectly reflects the print above by Nynne.

Nynne's very well organised work space includes handy storage for all her artwork.

The triangle features of the house are quite gorgeous in the master bedroom and bathroom.

Daughter Sofia's bedroom is delightful, with a gorgeous art piece that Nynne created from old coat hangers.

A fabulous home with lovely clean lines - the colour and decorative touches breathe life into it and keep it from appearing too minimalist. You can also find Nynne's prints here.

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