Thursday, 24 April 2014

Paros Agnanti Hotel

Interior design really is my world - I eat, sleep, dream, and love it! I take in every place I go, and at a recent hotel stay I couldn't help but think how differently I would've designed the room. Had it been a room at the Paros Agnanti Hotel in Athens, Greece it would've been a whole different story - nothing but inspiration and joy!

This 45m² suite, consisting of a double room with a patio, balconies, garden, and a private pool/spa, was a project by A31 Architecture. The gorgeous white plastered exterior sits quietly allowing the incredible view to take centre stage.

Inside grey coloured cement mortar has been used for the flooring, and the custom built-in furniture almost seems to float giving a sense of lightness and serenity.

The bed is especially beautiful with a beam of light around the base and a striking glass wall behind featuring a women's face and the hotel's logo. Behind this glass wall is the shower cabinet with a beautiful timber floor.

Behind the shower the wood panelling is echoed in a platform below simple yet elegant twin basins. These are made from white next generation concrete. I just love the "complexity of the simplicity" (to quote an artist I once heard speak).

Those views and that pool - sigh! What an incredibly beautiful place, don't you agree?!


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