Thursday 3 April 2014

The offices of Free People

Have you heard of Free People? It's one of my favourite online fashion shops - down to earth, free-spirited, Boho at it's best. They have a great background story too, which you can read here.

I recently stumbled upon the amazing offices of Free People while reading French blog, Garance DorĂ©. I've worked in some cool, and some not-so-cool office in the past, but if any of them had been as fabulous as this, it would've been a pleasure going to work each day.

Located in Philadelphia, they reflect the Free People image perfectly - relaxed and cool - and are complete with a book store, two restaurants, a workout room, and you can even take your dog to work - yay! With meeting rooms everywhere you can choose where you want to work, which is super inspiring. Especially in a creative job, you sometimes just need a fresh environment to recharge your brain and your senses.

It's obvious Free People value their staff and treat them accordingly. What do you think... would you be happy to work in this environment?


  1. HI Vic - I've never heard of them before - but loving the look. And LOVING the offices - any of them I would love in my own home. Cool. Very cool. Rx

    1. Thanks Rachel. I love it all too, and now have all sorts of ideas of recovering furniture with my Cush & Nooks Kantha quilts :) x

  2. one of my top four favourite clothing labels! Cool offices! x


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