Monday 8 September 2014

Happy Monday

Welcome to another fabulous week. I have just had a marathon of a weekend with my young daughter at her Cheerleading comp down in Wellington. We left midday on Friday and got home late last night, and can I just say how immensely proud I am of Mia and her team who were amazing, and placed 2nd up against some much bigger clubs! It's a gorgeous day here in Hawke's Bay today, and even though I'd quite like to be relaxing here (see below), it's time to focus on work. So wishing you all a Happy Monday, and I'll be back tomorrow with lots of interior inspiration.



  1. Vic I was at the same comp! What team is your daughter in? My daughter was the very last team to perform, we placed 2nd. It's an exhausting experience isn't it? haha

    1. How funny, I wish I knew, I would've tracked you down to say 'hi'. Mia's club is Bay City Cheerleaders - their youngest team. It's totally exhausting and I didn't even have to flip and tumble once :) They performed in Porirua on Saturday, and Kilbirnie on Sunday. What's your daughter's club?

  2. Yes I would have had a coffee with you! My daughters club is CEA (Cheer Elite Academy), she is also in the NZ development team although can't compete for the rest of the year as has hurt her back (she was just watching on sunday as we had already bought our tickets). We are off to Las Vegas/Hawaii next year to compete...I hope you have deep pockets, and only one of your girls is doing it :)


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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