Friday 19 September 2014

Laid-back Style

As I get ready to board a plane to Australia, I'm trying to relax and get into holiday mode. But because there's so much to organise when you travel with a young family, not to mention run your own business, it's all been a bit hectic leading up to now. Just looking at this gorgeous and very chilled home in Silverlake, LA is helping me feel more relaxed.

Owned by a couple of creatives - Jessica de Ruiter is a fashion stylist, and Jed Lind is a sculptor/designer - the home has a very interesting history (read about it here). Renovations and upgrades were required, but Jed wanted the footprint of the house to remain true.

Jessica is passionate about textiles and has upholstered all the sofas in Libeco - a beautiful Belgian linen. She also has a major rug obsession (like me!) and has used lots of Moroccan rugs, kilims, and vintage ikat cushions to soften the sharper angles.

Most of the house features a restrained, sophisticated colour palette, but a picture wall brings a shot of colour to the living room.

I love the built-in daybed in little James' room - such a cosy place to curl up, and so practical with all that storage (spoken like the mother of three kids!).

The bedroom is pared back style, particularly serene and peaceful. I love how the picture on the left balances the window. The side tables were made by Jed - so clever!

The use of gorgeous materials and subtle colour and texture continues in the bathroom with it's travertine vanity, rustic wooden bench, and gold leaf mirror.

To complete this oasis of calm is a very inviting swimming pool. If this was my home I may never feel the need to holiday again!

photos by Douglas Friedman

Next week, while I'm in Australia, I am taking a rare break from the blog. I know I'm going to miss y'all, but it will be great to spend some quality time with my family. If I can work out the international roaming bizo, I'll post some pics to my instagram. Be back soon!

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