Thursday 6 November 2014

California Style

I featured the beautiful nursery pic (below) on my Facebook page this week and got a great response. I love the simplicity of it, and the layers of pattern and texture that add warmth and depth. The little wolf pup photo is divine! I've feature the work of The Animal Print Shop before, they're the perfect piece for a nursery.

I thought I recognised the style used in this room and wasn't surprised to learn that it's the work of one of my favourite interior designers, Amber Lewis - I've featured her home twice on the blog, here and here. Like me, Amber likes to work with crisp white walls and neutral larger furniture pieces. It helps with a sense of calm, and then allows you to layer colour and pattern on top in rugs and soft furnishings.

Amber was hired by a young couple to update the master bedroom and bathroom in their Californian home. They were so thrilled with her work that they got her to continue throughout the house adding built-ins to the office, a banquette to the kitchen/dining area, and a nursery for their little baby that was on the way.

The finished home is so beautiful with a lovely flow created by a consistent colour palette of blue, white and brown. If you love this home as much as I do, pop over to Domaine to see and read more.

Photography by Tessa Neustadt


  1. beautiful! I love the nursery so much..sigh (those days are over)...

    1. Yes Jodie, if I could do it all again, how differently I would do it! Now I can design other people's beautiful nurseries, so that's a bonus :) x


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