Monday 17 November 2014

SodaStream PLAY

SodaStream was a favourite of mine when I was a kid, and it's just as popular as ever now. You know it's super cool when Scarlett Johansson is their global brand ambassador!

I was excited when I first saw the colourful SodaStream PLAY machines. Available in black, white, yellow, blue and red, the sleek new design looks amazing and will be a fabulous addition to your kitchen bench - far too good to hide away. I love the glossy yellow against our pink kitchen wall.

I've been having lots of fun trying the different flavours and creating fun drinks for everyone. The kids love my Raspberry Coolers made with Sugar Free Cranberry-Raspberry, a handful of organic raspberries, and a sprig of mint.

My husband's favourite is sparkling water - he's easy to please! We keep a bottle in the fridge - it's a lovely alternative to still tap water. To make it a bit special I add a dash of lime juice and some cucumber, it's so refreshing, and will be a great Summer staple.

If I've got some girlfriends coming over I whip up a bottle of Sugar Free Pink Grapefruit. It's delicious as is, but try adding a splash of gin and a slice of lemon - the girls will love it.

There are so many flavours to try, including the single serve SodaCaps. If you haven't already got a SodaStream machine, why not put one on your Christmas wish list, or pick one up today, before your favourite colour sells out. Try Noel Leemings for a yellow SodaStream Play like mine, you won't regret it. And check out the SodaStream NZ Facebook page for more recipes, special offers, and competitions.


  1. Christmas present sorted then! My son (14) has been nagging me for years, and I have said no no no, as I hate the thought of the sugary crap we had when I was a kid. Seeing you talk about the sugar free flavours has just convinced me this might just be ok. So big thanks in anticipation from Sam xo

    1. Yay, glad to have been of help Rachel. I'm sure you'll love the plain sparkling water too - no sugar, and it's amazing how refreshing a slice of cucumber makes it. x


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