Monday 29 June 2015

Add the Unexpected

I eat, drink and breathe interior design! It's my job, but it's also my passion, and in my down time, if I'm not spending it with family and friends, you'll usually find me with my nose in an interior book or magazine, or checking out my favourite interior websites.

For me, there is nothing that inspires me more than a home that has shied away from "the norm" and created their own look and style. Absolutely you should take inspiration from others, but don't just copy someone else's look... take pieces you love and put your own spin on them. Think creatively and add the unexpected - things that will make you, and your visitors, smile.

A royal blue painted ceiling is unexpected,
and doesn't it make a beautiful backdrop to those stunning lights?!

Don't limit yourself, think outside the box - get your stainless steel towel rack
(or handles, or toilet roll holder...) powder coated in your favourite colour.

Invite friends over to help you paint an old canvas then use it as a wall hanging or alternative headboard.
You will've created art and memories! Balls of bright coloured wool can be as beautiful as a vase of flowers.

Use a beautiful birdcage to house a plant instead of birds.
The rug helps to anchor the cage and creates a statement, sculptural piece.

Take everyday items and place them in an unconventional way or place to create a whimsical look.

Displaying the things you love in your home says a lot about who you are and creates a home with personality. Why not have your favourite cameras (or shoes, or vintage toys...) on your console table?!

Bathrooms are often thought of as functional rooms, so you may not expect to see a down-lit shelf in a bathroom, with it's sole purpose to display a lovely vase. But if you have the room, why not!

Often the simplest and most effective way to express who you are is a simple grouping
of pieces that have meaning to you. Don't think that by displaying knick knacks you are just
creating clutter. These are the things that make the house your home.

It's your home, stamp your mark on it, be brave and bold with your choices. That element of surprise you create shows you're not afraid to step outside the box. Start small and play with different displays of your favourite things. As your confidence in your style grows you may want to make bigger statements. I'm not suggesting you turn your home into a totally eccentric space, but I am urging you to be original.

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