Monday 22 June 2015

Halcyon House

As a big fan of Australian interior designer Anna Spiro's work, I watched with interest, and huge respect, the development of one of her most recent projects, Halcyon House. Situated in one of Australia's most idyllic beachfront towns, Cabarita Beach in Northern New South Wales, the luxury boutique hotel is a breath of fresh air.

Anna's love of pattern, beautiful fabrics, picture walls and gorgeous vignettes has translated into stunning accommodation with an inviting, homely feel.

Each room features different fabric on the walls (yes, not wallpaper!) and headboards, and although there are common threads that unite the rooms, each has it's own personality.

"I love to stay in a place that wraps me up and is beautifully decorated. When you go home you dream about visiting that place again. I wanted each room to be different so that guests can find their favourite room and then choose to stay in that room each time they visit." Anna Spiro

I have been quite underwhelmed by the accommodation that I've stayed in over the last few years, and I always look forward to getting home. But to stay at Halcyon House would be an absolute joy. It's so refreshing to find a hotel that is so stylish and unique, I love absolutely everything!

photos via Halcyon House, their instagram, and Anna Spiro's instagram


  1. I'm not a fan of colour, yet always admire Anna's work. She can combine pattern and colour so brilliantly that even a monochromatic minamalist like me can be swept away. We love Cabarita so will be sure to make enquiries about staying at Halcyon House; it lloks extremely welcoming!

    1. I think the fact that Anna keeps her colour palette to her minimum, means she can have maximum pattern :) x

    2. She is a VERY rare talent!


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