Thursday 5 May 2011

Lofty heights

When I was a kid I was so envious of my cousins who had the coolest loft in their farm house where they hung out. If we were ever to build our own home I would definitely make sure there was a loft somewhere.

I wonder what's up there?

As a young graphic design student in my early 20's, my boyfriend and a lot of my mates were industrial design students (very clever people). The boys moved into an old, empty warehouse in Wellington, which they turned into an amazing living space. There was a huge open plan room with a kitchen & bathroom, and they built four loft bedrooms - so cool.

I hope those are strong chains!

And today I had to smile while I watched my youngest (6 yr old twin girls) proudly show their friend their secret hideout - they have decked out the top of their built-in wardrobe with cushions, a rug, books & stuffed toys. They climb to the top bunk and leap over to the wardrobe (we've always said they are part monkey). I am going to find them a ladder this weekend - though I'm not sure they'll use it, at least their friends can! At this stage the top of that wardrobe is the closest I have come to owning my own loft!

I love this - great secrets to share up there

Cool stairs, cute space

Just magical

Beautiful Victorian charm

My oldest daughter would love this - perfect for a small bedroom like hers

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  1. I love lofts. First the idea of a sort of hidden personal space. Next the fact that you are building up instead of out.
    The second to last picture here looks straight out of a story book!


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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