Monday 9 May 2011

Window Shopping

As I've mentioned earlier, in a couple of weeks I'm off on my annual girl's trip with four of my closest friends. We're heading to Wellington which is where I grew up, and is an awesome city (despite the crazy wind it's famous for), and I am so looking forward to some great shopping. I've been trying to be good and save, so I can splurge a bit when I get down there. To keep sane I've been doing a lot of window shopping online, and these are just a few of my favourite things...

Victorian tumbler set from Pottery Barn

Some more of my favourite Lorna Jane active wear

I really want to read this beautiful book
I'd love some gorgeous new bed linen

How divine is this Italian tableware?!

Cool Sass and Bide jeans teamed with one of Kilt's great tops


  1. Everything here looks so pretty and relaxed. I am surprised to see that the tumblers are from PB?!

  2. Yes, I love those tumblers, and have been trying to find some closer to New Zealand, as PB won't ship them. And you got me in one - I'm a very cruisy, relaxed person, and I love pretty things : )

  3. Hmm...have you tried The vendors often time ship internationally.

  4. Thanks Santa, don't you just love Etsy! I had a quick look, and couldn't find those sort of tumblers, but got side tracked and found lots of other gorgeous things.


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