Tuesday 6 September 2011

Denim Divine

I adore denim, it's so classic... 

When I was a kid I cut the legs off a pair of Levis and sewed up the bottom to make my own cool pencil case. So you can understand why I'm really digging these furniture pieces using recycled denim. I love the denim with the wood.

picture sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5


  1. I'm going to have to start limiting how often I visit your blog - i just spend too much time looking at everything on it! I also love denim and I wish more work places allowed it to be worn in the office. I like the idea of using it in furniture too. Also enjoyed the post about the dog beds - so cute! oh and don't even get me started on Crush Cul De Sac - it's amazing isn't it! Have a great week! xx

  2. One more thing! I forgot to say, reading the post about the Clifton Cafe made me remember how much I miss that ice-cream. I think I'm going to have to plan a visit home at some point!

  3. Hi Rachelle, thanks for your lovely comments, it's really nice to know that people are enjoying my posts. Yes, the Rush Munro ice-cream is hard to beat, my fav is the maple & walnut - yum! xxx

  4. Denim is such a classic! Great pics. That model is stunning! Abbey x


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