Monday 5 September 2011

Design your own Dog Bed

There is a very good reason why we have included Designer Dog Beds in our Cush & Nooks store... When we got our beautiful Sam four years ago, I searched high and low for a good looking, practical dog bed. This is what we got...

It was definitely practical and comfortable, but not so pretty in my living room, and Sam is a big part of our family so she spends a lot of time inside with us. I have since found some great beds in both Australia and America, but, because of the size, shipping was expensive. Our beds enable you to choose your own fabric combinations so that it ties in with your decor. And the best part is they are super comfy and therapeutic too. Sam has to fight the kids and the cats for hers! The inner is filled with wool knops, tiny balls of wool that move to massage your dog's joints, relieving and combating arthritis.

The beds come in three sizes, the covers are removeable for washing, and they are scotch-guarded for added protection. You can also order the covers on their own if you have your own stuffing, or want one as a spare.

Sam's bed is taken, but the red & black bed modelled by Max, and the green & pink bed modelled by Oscar are both available for purchase straight away.


  1. These are so cute Vic! If I had a dog it would definitely need a designer bed! Have a great day :) Abbey x

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  3. Like you, my dog also stays inside our house most of the time. We don’t let her sleep outside. Anyway, on her 2nd birthday, my ever generous brother gave her a customized dog bed, a blue one with stars and butterflies! We both love it!


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