Tuesday 13 September 2011

Versatile Wallpaper

It's no surprise that I love wallpaper, seeing as how I live & breathe pattern & colour! There are so many beautiful designs to choose from these days, and although they can be pricey, it's amazing how far one roll will go. I love the shot of pattern you get when using it at the back of shelves, or on stairs. The last photo is of our laundry cupboard doors - they used to have wooden slats on them, which were not only ugly, but really hard to keep clean. Mark pulled them out, I wallpapered some mdf board, and he screwed it to the inside of the doors. It's made a vast improvement, and I love them!

picture sources: 1, 2, 3


  1. Where did you get the wall paper from? it looks very cool! Amy x

  2. Hi Amy, it's a Designers Guild wallpaper. I chose the design then contacted Small Acorns in Wgtn, and they got it for me. I'm in the process of getting another design for our entrance way. xxx

  3. Your cupboard doors look so pretty now Vic! I love basically all things Designers Guild :)
    Abbey x

  4. I love the unexpected use of the paper on the stair risers. Your cupboard doors also turned out gorgeous!


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