Wednesday 9 May 2012


I've mentioned before how I love a good entrance - I don't mean like Edward Cullen strolling into the cafeteria at the start of the Twilight movie (although that was a pretty good entrance!) - I mean like the entrance to your home. It is your first impression and it sets the tone for what lies beyond.

So, of course, I love my friend Santa's latest blog feature on 'making an entrance'. I was especially taken with her second photo, and in particular the mirror, and when I read the story behind that mirror, I knew I had to share it with you...

Emma Reddington, author of the blog The Marion House Book, had been looking for a large round mirror for her home. She couldn't find what she wanted - they were either too expensive, or just not right. But after reading the book Recycled Home, Emma was inspired to create her own mirror.

Recycled Home is all about 'undecorating' - stripping back layers to reveal the history of a house or an object. Also to re-use, repair, rescue and rethink abandoned and unwanted objects. And it just so happened that Emma had come across an incredible vintage oculus (circular window or apex of a dome) from an abandoned building - what a stroke of luck, it's gorgeous! She sent it to some professionals who countersunk the mirror into the back of the frame, and voilà!... I love it! Are you all inspired now?


  1. What a beautiful entrance. Thanks for sharing.

    Edward Cullen strolling into the cafeteria at the start of the Twilight movie <3


  2. Recycled home looks amazing, I have to get my hands on the book! I agree that a great entrance is important... and something I need to work on in my home! It's always hard to really get stuck into decorating when you know that you are only in the place temporarily. I think we've done a pretty great job but there are still some neglected area's.

  3. We don't have an entrance (the things you sacrifice to live in London) but this is exactly what I want for an entrance! Hopping over the Amazon now to get my hands on that book!

  4. What a fantastic book ... and what an incredible mirror! Any chance of recycling gets a tick in my book! xx

  5. The mirror looks fantastic! Though if it were a choice between it and Edward cullen, he'd win every time! Haha :)

    Abbey x

  6. This is a pretty amazing mirror- what I like most is the scale of it. Thanks for the shout out and link love Vic! (PS- The E Cullen cafeteria entrance was epic!)


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