Tuesday 1 May 2012

Queen of the Castle

I have been a big fan of Rachel Castle for quite some time now. Her yellow velvet pom pom cushions feature on our living room sofa, and I have my eye on her velvet charcoal pillow cases for our bedroom. Luckily for all you Kiwis, Small Acorns now stock Castle products too, which saves a bit on postage, or pop in to their Wellington store. It was no surprise to me that Rachel's home, that she shares with her husband Daz, and children, Cleo & Lucky, is filled with gorgeous colour and artwork. I am completely inspired.

Artwork on the wall by David Band; circle artwork on floor by Rachel Castle

I love how the painting echoes the lines of the table legs

The little details make such a difference to a home

Hallway details

The master bedroom featuring Castle bed linen

There are my velvet charcoal pillowcases & yellow pom pom cushion - fabulous!

Cleo, age 11, has a room to make all her friends envious

The guest bedroom is pretty in neutrals with a punch of colour

Rachel's workroom

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  1. So many fabulous details! I am really crazy about the mouldings over the doors and the high level shelving!

  2. I am a MASSIVE Rachel Castle fan as well...oh and I want to live in her home!

  3. Love that fabulous bed linen Vic and all the bright bursts of colour :)

    Abbey x

  4. These pictures made my day! What great use of color! I love the pom-pom pillows!

  5. I love the artwork! And details make such a big difference, don't they?


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