Friday 18 May 2012

From Props to Jewellery

The house I'm about to show you has a slightly more subdued colour scheme than I usually feature, but I just love the quirky, creative styling throughout. It belongs to jewellery designer, Jamie Lyn, and she shares it with her childhood friend, Jessica Fowler. Together they create a beautiful jewellery line called Ax + Apple. Before falling in love with the art of jewellery design, Jamie worked as a props person on a few period films. And there started her fascination with vintage objects such as old coins and pocket-watch chains. Jamie and Jessica's shared love of all things vintage heavily influences their jewellery design, as well as their personal style and home decorating.

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  1. Vic, once again you have outdone yourself with this fabulous find! I am just trying to imagine myself in that little studio conjuring up brilliant creative ideas!

  2. I'm no jewelry designer but would love having a studio like that to play in. I also really like the way in which they display their art. Happy weekend to you.

  3. I love the collected feel her home has!

  4. Gorgeous spaces! Loving those craft spaces. Have a delightful weekend, Kellie xx

  5. Oh the styling here is perfect Vic! Especially love that mantle and the bedroom. Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Abbey x


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