Friday 23 November 2012

DIY Advent Calendar

Can you believe we only have a week left of November?! Tomorrow week is the first of December, and that means I need to sort out an advent calendar for my kids. Because I'm not a big fan of those ones you buy at The Warehouse or the supermarket (the worst tasting chocolate ever!), I thought I'd make my own this year. So I have compiled a few ideas...

This looks really easy, and you could jazz it up by using coloured or patterned bags

These bags are attached to a giant tree poster, but you could simply dot them around your actual tree

Baby socks, mini pegs and a length of ribbon is all you need for this cute calendar

This Scandi option uses small nails, a piece of plywood, and rubber string
You could pop little envelopes under the string with personal messages in for your child, or stickers

This is my favourite, and you could definitely re-use it year after year
The mini pine trees and car could be found from your local model or toy sho

With the weekend ahead, you may want to get crafty with me. And with December looming that means you have just one week left to go into the draw to win one of our single Kantha quilts worth $180. Simply make a purchase during November from the Cush & Nooks online shop, and you're in the draw.


  1. i fast has this month gone?! i got mine out of storage today too because i couldn't remember if it started 1dec or 12dec...just got to buy the goodies for it now...seems so early....

  2. Totally recommend the quilts. Mine is fab! happy weekend. Will email you tomorrow. x

  3. The mini pine tree boxes are adorable - what a great find! x

  4. This isn't a tradition I grew up. Last year my husband tried to get me into it by buying one of those market ones. As you said, worst chocolate ever. But these are very good looking and I'd be willing to give it another try if it were one of these.

  5. I never had an advent calendar as a child (probably because I would have eaten all the choccies in one go) but since I love things all Christmas related, I might just be crafty this year and try one of these! x

  6. These look about a million times better than the ones in the supermarket Vic! I'm sure your girls will appreciate it :)

    Abbey x


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