Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Jewel Green

If you asked me my favourite colour, I'd probably say magenta, maybe even turquoise. But another colour that I find simply beautiful is jade green - a gorgeous rich deep jewel colour.

It looks fabulous used on walls, in furniture, on tiles... It looks amazing and fresh teamed with crisp white, and also perfect with pink, deep blue, gold and black.

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  1. Not an easy colour to pull off all the time, but it looks great in all of these spaces. And I love that bathroom floor in image 3.

  2. I'm a brunette so jewel green is my best friend! I love it paired with a deep brown and a hint of gold!

  3. I was in the hospice shop today and saw the most pretty little antique china trinket box which was exactly this colour with pink roses in the middle...I think I will pop back tomorrow and see if I can buy it. I dithered over it today and wish now I had.

    Lee ☺

  4. I love love love it too Vic! And all the better teamed with my other two faves - pink and turquoise! Ha - great minds :)

    Abbey x


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