Wednesday 7 November 2012

The Novogratz

I have just discovered The Novogratz! I watched my first programme of theirs last night, and was absolutely entranced, I loved it. Am I a bit behind - who else knows about this amazing husband & wife team? Firstly, they have seven kids - so right there, as a mother of three, I take my hat off to them :) 

Robert and Cortney Novogratz have built a signature design brand for themselves creating fabulous, luxe and inspired residential projects across Manhattan. Last night I watched them design and re-decorate the two kids' bedrooms of a New York family. Taking their inspiration from a green chandelier in the boys' room, they painted the ceiling a vibrant green, which looked fantastic against the gorgeous white cornice. A new pink chandelier was bought for Eliza's room and her roof was painted hot pink. Robert and Cortney like their kids' rooms to be sophisticated and fun.

New carpet was laid in a checker board effect

Green toile wallpaper reflects the green roof, and contrasts the boys' basket ball hoop

Magnetic and chalk board paint were used together to make this fun wall element

An antique bed was made more contemporary by painting in glossy blue

Talented artist, Linda Mason, painted this portrait of the kids. The base was painted by the kids themselves

The Novogratz alternated wallpaper in stripes in Eliza's room for a fun look


  1. I have loved these guys for years, so glad they are back on telly. Their designs are just gorgeous, so inspiring. And I am still amazed how 8 of them, in their last series, lived in a 2 bedroom apartment for months while heavily pregnant with Major and building their new place. And they had it looking awesome! Would love one of their Family rugs and just adore their home, if only I had $17 million to buy it!! (bargain really, was originally $25 million - shall we go halves?? ;-))

  2. I have come across them before online, but didn't know about the TV Show - or that they had 7 kids - wow! I'll have to check out their show, when is it on? Love that pink chandelier x

  3. Yes have tuned into this one many times Vic! They are pretty great aren't they?! So much great colour in these gorgeous pics :)

    Abbey x

  4. I've just read an article about this family . . .as soon as it said the 7 kids bit I got a little anxious!! They are such a talented duo. LovT

  5. Ok, WOW! I just checked out their current projects on their website and I am head-over-heels!

  6. I'm such a fan and have watched since their first show. Love their colorful style and the artwork they use!!

  7. Oh yes we're mildly obsessed with the Novogratz in this house. I don't always love the final outcome of their work (although often it is fantastic) but I particularly enjoy watching the process. And I especially love how the are happy to use vintage, second hand, handmade as well as some more fancy pieces in between. Oh and yeah WOW they do that with seven kids! I guess anything is achievable if you really want to make it happen (and probably have a team of nannies working for you).

  8. Never heard of this! Details??? Love that Lisa Mason painting. x

  9. OMGosh! Yes I am addicted to "Choice" tv, and I have to "in shame", admit that I down laptop, brush or whatever to watch this program on a Wednesday afternoon!

    I saw this actual makeover yesterday, was wowed by the clever combination of creating stripes with different toiles.

    I also feel slightly inadequate that this professional couple can have a successful home life, a hugely busy career all with 7 young children!...I seem to get nothing done and have only 1 tiny dog, (the others have flown the nest so to speak, children, not dogs that is).

    I thought the girls room on this particular show was just fabulous.

    Did you know on "Choice" tv they also have a programme about "stylists" where they home stage a house for sale but this is not just your run of the mill "home staging. I am addicted to this channel with all its Designer programs.

    Lee :)

  10. I wish I was a kid once more so I can have such elements in my room! Anyhow, I can apply these concepts for my future children. I love how the green ceiling illuminated that striking chandelier. Eliza’s pink ceiling is also a statement. This idea is new to me since I have only been accustomed to accent walls-today, I learned that accent ceilings are an effective eye-catcher too. Thanks for sharing.


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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