Friday 31 May 2013

3 Wishes

Normally my 3 Wishes posts feature one item each on the wish list of myself and two others. But my lovely friend, Lisa Quinn-Schofield, has her eye on so many things that she found it difficult to narrow down her choices. So today everything featured has been carefully, and lovingly selected by her.

Lisa is an interior stylist and artist, and has a fabulous Facebook page under her business name, Featherhorse Studio. Living in Perth, Australia, Lis and I have never met, but we have so much in common it's almost scary! Both passionate about interior design, running our own interior styling businesses; both married to surf-mad boys, and mums to gorgeous young daughters (two for Lis, three for me).

Her first wish is for a Timothy Oulton Shabby Sofa available from Coco Republic. "I love the versatility of this lounge and it’s available in a 1, 2 or 3 seater if you don’t want to do the whole modular. I love the sumptuous worn leather and the tan colour is timeless. I love it’s contemporary style and it’s relaxed vibe. Did I say LOVE too many times?!"

Her next choice is Kelly Wearstler's book "Rhapsody" limited edition. "Kelly Wearstler is super inspiring. I love how she makes up her own rules and pushes the boundaries with her edgy ideas across her designs of interiors, furniture, objects & fashion. I love books and this one is on top of my list at the moment. I want the LIMITED EDITION of Rhapsody with gold perforated cover, signature of Kelly’s gold brass PERFORATED TABLE design. Did I mention I want the table too?!"

And her third wish is for this amazing photograph by Kathryn Sprigg. "Being an artist as well as an interior stylist, I put a lot of thought into what adorns my walls. I have an eclectic collection that compliments my interior including paintings, prints, photography, wall hangings and objects. I also like to support other creatives and artists when I can, and on my wishlist is a piece by Kathryn Sprigg. Her work is raw, unique and captivating and I especially love her images from New York. This one is titled Times Square 3".

Now, I told you Lisa was finding it hard to narrow down her list, and she was hoping the genie would grant her one more wish. Because I love this one so much myself, I'm more than happy to share the Tom Dixon Cast Mini Jack. "There are so many things I want, want, want from TOM DIXON. I absolutely adore stuff, things and objects and I would love to adopt a COPPER CAST MINI JACK from the TOM DIXON ‘Eclectic’ range".

So there you have it, what fabulous choices! If you live in Perth and want Lisa to weave her interior magic in your home, leave a message on her Facebook page.


  1. Great post ladies! I love your choices Lisa - so reflective of your fabulous style. You've just added another book to my growing wishlist and as for Tom Dixon, I agree. That man can do no wrong!! x

  2. Fantastic post ladies! I love ending the week on these wishlists! Just added "Rhapsody" to my Amazon list too!

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