Tuesday 7 May 2013

Bathrooms Three Ways

When you think of a bathroom, do you instantly think of white tiles and chrome taps? There's absolutely nothing wrong with those things, but I want to show you three bathrooms, all quite different from each other, that all illustrate how you can inject some major personality into the smallest room in your home.

1 | 2 | 3


  1. Love #1 and #3. The outside courtyard for the bath is just amazing. Couldn't even vaguely be bothered with cleaning the grouting on all the white tiles in #2!! But looks great in someone else's house!!! R

  2. Love these bathrooms! They appear to simple, and at the same time have so much detail! Love the bathroom in #2! Looks great, especially with the artwork, such a nice touch!

  3. My little bathroom in our rental is a symphony of beige so I long for some colour and ‘life’! The last picture had me weak at the knees!

  4. All of 3 are the nice but I just love more the 1st one, it looks awesome, great look. Great art work in the second one, in the 3rd the outside courtyard for the bath is just amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Ben Linus,
    Cheap Baths

  5. These are great Vic. Love that first one most. Something about a coloured tub in a white bathroom!

    Abbey x

  6. I'm a sucker for an old ornate tile. So 2 & 3 win me over. Then the painting in 2 and the capiz ceiling treatment in 3?!

  7. No. 3 is my favourite but I wouldn't want to be the one dusting off the amazing mother of pearl light.

    Lee :)

  8. Gorgeous! Number 2 is my fave - I love the tiles and green kartell stool x


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