Wednesday 22 May 2013

Pastels Three Ways

You've probably noticed the resurgence of pastel colours, both in fashion and our homes. Personally, if I'm going to use pastels, I prefer to team them with something with a bit of oomph to add some depth. In this first photo the neon legs are that 'something' that gives the bedroom some edge and bring a contemporary feel. The expansive use of white is refreshing, with just the right amount of pastel...

A shot of vibrant yellow compliments these pretty pastels...

And this soft duck egg lampshade by Rebecca Snelling for Kate Sylvester, looks stunning against the rich oak timber base and racy red stripes...

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  1. I agree - the neon bed legs are the perfect touch - love that image! Stunning lamp too x

  2. Thanks Michelle. You could paint any of your furniture legs for a simple statement. I love that lamp too x

  3. What a difference a pop of strong colour makes. Almost makes the pastels stand out even more.


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