Thursday, 22 May 2014

DIY Projects | BRIKA

I came across the US based online shop BRIKA recently and was impressed by their beautiful product range. Founded by Kena Paranjape and Jen Lee Koss, BRIKA is a unique online shopping destination featuring the work of authentic artisans and designers. Kena and Jen's aim is to help you build a beautiful life through well-crafted, everyday objects.

I know a lot of you are keen DIY'ers, and BRIKA's Pinterest pages are chocka full of gorgeous DIY projects. I have chosen a few of my faves from their DIY Home Decor board, but I suggest you go and find your own favourites.

Love this DIY stripe doorway. It's been created with washi tape
but you could use paint for a more permanent solution.

Succulents are super popular and this cute little hand-painted pot makes the perfect home for some.

How about DIY colour block crayon candles?! - a great use for those leftover bits of crayons.

Formerly sold in Feliz Home these threaded Bentwood chairs are gorgeous.
With some embroidery thread and lots of patience you could get a similar effect.

I'm lucky enough to own a couple of gorgeous bone inlay trays,
but if you don't, try making this bone inlay-inspired tray.

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