Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tretchikoff | Three Ways

I'm absolutely crazy about the artwork of Vladimir Tretchikoff. I find his work so beautiful, and the colours sublime! While his works are fetching large prices at art auctions around the world, there are some more affordable ways. Here are just three ways to display Tretchikoff in your home...

I really want a Tretchikoff wallpaper somewhere in my home...

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Yes, a gorgeous lampshade too...

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And, the ever elusive Ahoy Trader porthole. I have been looking for this particular porthole with Tretchikoff Chinese Girl on it for a long time. If anyone knows of one still available, please let me know.

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So what about you - do you share my love of Tretchikoff?


  1. Hi Vic. Thank you for sharing the Tretchikoff love on your blog. We have recently started selling the lampshades and pillows online here in NZ. Would it be possible for us to advertise our online store on your blog? xx


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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