Wednesday 28 May 2014

Est Magazine | Issue 13

I finally found some time to sit down and read the latest issue of Est Magazine and, as usual, it's brilliant. Filled with lots of slick design and inspiration - one of my favourite articles was about a Dutch woman, Saskia Hurd, who worked with young designers to create a really cool hostel for travellers.

The hostel's simplicity is captivating, and while there was a tight budget, everything looks beautiful, functional and cleverly thought through. I love the bed built into the living room wall, which can be opened up or closed away behind bright yellow doors. And the bunks built into a tiny nook is a great use of space, especially with the large pull out drawers underneath.

And talking about simplicity, there is a stunning Melbourne family home featured that I know you'll love. The closing sentence summed it up beautifully... "Elegant without being extravagant and simple without being minimalist, this home reflects the lives of its inhabitants in a way that will truly stand the test of time".

A teenager's retreat was built under the roof line and between the two boys' bedrooms. Such a great space, the green carpet with the crisp white walls gives a sense of the outdoors. Large floor cushions with bright graphics add another cool touch.

Although it's quite a minimal look, each piece of furniture in the house has maximum impact because of it's beauty and form. The Tufty Time sofa is delicious - gorgeous and squishy (very technical terms!) - I'm a big advocate for investing in a quality sofa.

Such a gorgeous home, it makes me want to go and clean up any clutter at my place! Pop over and read the whole magazine for yourself, I've shared some of my favourite parts, but there's so much more.

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