Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ginger Jars | Three Ways

One of the first blogs I ever started following was Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things. If you know Anna's work, or just take a look through her gorgeous blog, you can see why I love her style - layers of colour, pattern, and interiors with depth and soul. She introduced me to ginger jars, and I fell firmly in love with them, particularly the blue and white ones. They look beautiful filled with bright flowers (especially my favourite peonies), or clustered together in a group.

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They also look fabulous as a lamp base. You can buy them as a base, or find a fabulous light specialist who can turn your ginger jar into a light.

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A third option is a ginger jar painting or print, and I'm a huge fan of the work of Carolyn Schultz.

I love them all! Beautiful colour, pattern, form, and scale. Are you a fan?


  1. Love these - any idea where I can buy them from? Haven't found any of the blue and white variety

    1. Look in second hand shops, on Trade Me and Etsy - happy hunting :) x


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