Friday 17 June 2011

Biking in Style

My husband is a hard-core mountain biker. He and his friends do the most crazy things - huge jumps, biking across a tiny log with a huge drop into a river below, insane downhill tracks! He laughs at me every time I get my bike out - he thinks I look like a grandma, but I know I look styley - just like these girls!

The Audrey Hepburn Look

How beautiful is that!

Sarah Michelle Gellar agrees with me

These Alexander Girard bikes are a work of art - I love them

She has my Carrie Bicycle Basket - I bought that before my bike, that's how much I love it

Great biking outfit

Getting married on bikes is quite popular apparently


  1. oh i love it all! i love my girly grandma bike and wouldn't swap it for the world!

  2. The second to last is perfect with it's neutral colors. Now, if only I wasn't deathly afraid of bikes (BAD experience during a trip to Germany...)


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