Monday 27 June 2011

Nga Waiata Rings

Beautiful jewellery made by a beautiful woman. Nga Waiata is an artist and jewellery designer who lives and works here in Napier. She was working in local designer boutique, House of Aroha one day when my husband and I were shopping for homewares (fancy that, me shopping for homewares!). We had all three girls, and Nga Waiata just took them under her wing in her calm, gentle way so that we could shop in peace.
Her gorgeous knuckleduster rings are made from a variety of natural crystals and recycled native woods. See more of them and read what qualities the different crystals have, here on her website, and her blog.

Beautifully packaged and heading to London

Toyah, Colin and Kelly wearing their Nga Waiata rings

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