Wednesday 15 June 2011

Peacock Chairs

I've had a super busy day, and I'm getting ready to relax a little and have a laugh watching "Cougar Town". Have you ever taken notice of the sets? There's some cool stuff in some of those houses, I love the chair in the corner of Jules' bedroom. My best friend when I was a teenager had a cane peacock chair in her room - I was sooo jealous! I still have a soft spot for them, and would love to pick up a second hand one and spray paint it bright yellow, or maybe fuchsia pink.

Amanda from Small Acorns has done just that in a gorgeous turquoise

Just what my girl's get-together's look like!

Perfect in a bedroom

And great outdoors too

Here's Jules - her bedroom is nothing amazing, but I love that chair!


  1. Oh a bright pink or yellow I would love to see (go for it!). I too love that last chair and all of the variations it comes in.

  2. Oh I love these chairs! That first one in the turquoise blue is especially gorgeous! Abbey x


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