Friday 10 June 2011

Paint it Black

My little 6 year old twin girls have been invited to a Rugby party tomorrow. I think they're the only girls going, but they've always had as many 'boy' friends as they have 'girl' friends. They're supposed to wear their boots, but the only thing 'rugby' that they can claim is their Granddad - my Dad - who was once an All Black. For those of you (non New Zealanders) reading this that don't know what an All Black is - they are our national rugby team and top ranking in the world, they're treated a bit like heros here. So, inspired by our boys, here is some fabulous black...

Black can be really striking in a master bedroom

Very elegant wallpaper, and love those cushions amongst the black & white

Fabulous rug

Graphic lovelyness

Storm knows how to do black - I love the velvet jacket

Sydney from The Daybook rockin' her black outfit

Lindi Kingi's stunning jewellery

And here's my handsome Dad, Ian Uttley - my hero. xxx


  1. GREAT photo of your Dad! I love black too - I have a black wooden floor in my kitchen and have painted one wall in blackboard paint (currently covered in chalk from the kids!!) Love it Love it. Also matches my black light shades in the lounge. Love your blog - keep up the great work!!

  2. Thanks Rach. Is it easy to keep your black floor clean? I love that look. xxx

  3. NO!! Not easy to keep clean - but worth it. Wouldn't change it.


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