Wednesday 27 July 2011


It was a beautiful winter's day here in Hawke's Bay today, nice enough to sit outside with friends while we watched the kids having fun in the pool - luckily for them it was a hot pool! 
It got me looking forward to Spring, and one of my favourite parts - alfresco dining.

yummy food and rustic table settings

beer bottle vases & bottle cap candles

brilliant idea - table with in-built wine cooler

relax and take in the view

a bit of a sing-a-long

fairy lights and good company - what more do you need!


  1. Oh GOSH sounds like the most wonderful setting!!! I can only dream about this considering how the weather here will not permit anything outdoor!

    Belly B :)

  2. The wine holding table really is brilliant (and even more perfect if sitting on a vineyard!)


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