Monday 18 July 2011

Weekend Activity

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a busy weekend, and I wanted to show you a couple of purchases I made. On Saturday we went to the Craft & Design Market in Havelock North, which I believe is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month. It's only a little market, but all the products are really high quality. I bought another cushion off my friend Sandi, of Two Black Cats, for the kid's sitting room (it's the blue one in the middle).

Havelock North is a lovely little village, and a great shopping destination. So, after a coffee, we checked out Lolita Shoes and I bought these gorgeous dark green wedge boots. Then off to Redcurrent where I snapped up this beautiful scarf.

While we were in Redcurrent hubby spotted this side table. We have been looking for something to house our dvd player, but it is an awkward space as the wall is narrower than most entertainment units. Also, handy hubby mounted the tv on the wall and all the wires go down behind the wall out of site and then come out of a hole he drilled. This table was the perfect height to hide the hole, and the right width. So Mark (hubby) built an extra shelf to put the dvd player on and put a backing board on the whole thing to hide the plugs and hole in the wall - isn't he clever! I'm looking forward to finding the right things to decorate it, as I've just borrowed these bits & pieces from other places in the house.


  1. Looks a weekend of great finds! Funny but the cushion instantly reminded me of your logo (which, by the way, I happen to love).

  2. You're right Santa, probably why I like that range of Sandi's. I have a soft spot for lace and doilies! xxx


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