Tuesday 26 July 2011

Norway Love

Sorry guys, I've been M.I.A! One of New Zealand's coldest weekends, and we happened to be at our family bach in Kuratau, Taupo, with the beautiful Mount Ruapehu at our back door. Because of snow & ice on the roads we couldn't get home, so had to hunker down in front of the fire with a bottle of wine and the Scrabble board. The road opened today, but still plenty of snow around. We pulled over half way home so the twins and Mark could have a snowball fight - great fun!

To some sad news now... I have been devastated to watch Norway in mourning after the mass killings there. A beautiful part of the world that we always think of being so safe & peaceful. I post a lot about Norwegian design, as I love their sense of style and colour. Here are just a few more photos to illustrate this. Our thoughts are with you. xxx

Norwegian kitchen

The home of Rikke Bye Andersen

Norwegian cardigan

Summer house in Norway

Norwegian breakfast


  1. Snow and ice?! Glad you made it home safely- do hope to see pictures of your bach sometime!

    Terrible tragedy in Norway- thank you for sharing these lovely images.

  2. Thanks Santa. Yes, I was kicking myself for leaving our camera behind as the views were spectacular with the lake like a mirror and the snow capped mountains behind. Next time : )


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