Sunday 31 July 2011

DIY Doily Light Shade

How cute is this light shade! And it's quite simple to make...

1. First you have to have a selection of doilies, I think the round ones would work best;
2. Blow up a large balloon and hang it from a piece of string;
3. Paint the doilies with wallpaper glue;
4. Place the doilies on the balloon making sure you overlap them;
5. Leave overnight to dry;
6. Pop the balloon and cut a small opening in the top for light fitting.

Go here for more detail.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful. I used to help a friend make Pinatas once in a while and this is the very technique - the balloon as a form. Nice work! Thanks so much for showing us.

  2. This is pretty amazing! A light fixture made out of doilies? Crazy! How on earth did you ever think of something like this? You're a genius! I love this DIY light fixture and it's one of the best that I've seen so far. Congratulations! :)


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