Friday 28 October 2011

DIY Hooks and Handles

I love this idea of using toy animal heads as hooks for hanging jewellery or small items on.

This one is all made and available from here

Or have a go at making your own, for instructions click here

And here's another great use of toy animals - a fun desk make-over using blue zebra print paper on top and toy dinosaurs as handles. The pencil holder on the wall is also a neat idea. Are you feeling inspired yet?

To read more about this makeover click here


  1. How clever is that! It took a really vivid imagination to think up this idea! I just can't believe the transformation of that desk (also spotted those lovely simple shelves on the wall)!

  2. These are so cute Vic. I think I've seen some cool ones at anthropologie too from memory. Have a great weekend :)

    Abbey x

  3. How fun! I really like them as pulls for the drawers.

  4. Oh yes - that's a very funky little idea!

  5. Brilliant idea! So adorable! Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx


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