Wednesday 5 October 2011

Sale on Designer Dog Beds

If you have a treasured dog or cat, or even kids that like lounging on the floor, our designer beds/floor cushions would be perfect for you. You can choose to have a bed made up in your choice of beautiful fabric, or take advantage of this great sale offer for our small and medium beds that we have already made up. Filled with 100% NZ wool knops (tiny balls of wool), they are super comfy as the balls move to massage your pet's joints.

You can also take the option to pay for any of our Cush & Nooks products over two or three installments. We know your wants aren't always in line with your bank balance, so we are happy to take up to three installments for products over $100 (not including shipping). Just email us to arrange, and your goods will be shipped once your final payment has been made.


  1. The installment payment option is so thoughtful Vic!

  2. These are gorgeous! How I wish I could afford something like that for my pup :)



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