Monday 10 October 2011

Indian Influences - Guest Post

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, an online community and social media site for design lovers and design professionals from around the world to meet, share and find inspiration. While I don't get to travel the world writing, I am able to visit a lot of countries and cultures through design. One of my favorites is India. I love all the color and pattern that is typical of Indian design. I am excited to be asked to guest blog here at Cush & Nooks about Indian influences in interior design. Here are some of my favorite Indian influenced rooms and design elements. Do you love Indian influences too?

Love this moodboard created for a Bollywood inspired wedding. So many great Indian influences: bold colors; love of patterns; gold, gold, gold; elephants; detailed accessories. Beautiful.

Indian art gives this neutral bedroom a nice bit of Indian style. The elephants are so charming. This would make a stylish boy's bedroom.  

Carved furniture from India is gorgeously detailed. It makes a dramatic headboard in this moody bedroom design

Indian bedspreads are a favorite of the bohemian style. Use them on beds, sofas, as curtains, or even as picnic blankets. Gorgeous colors and patterns.

Indian textiles and sari remnants can easily work with other ethnic and tribal textiles from around the world. Layering these international textiles creates a chic global interior designs. 

Love the inlaid Indian mirror above the sink in this classic black and white bathroom. The detailed pattern includes birds and scrolling flowers. Beautiful! 

This India bench has a slightly rustic feeling to it. Handcrafted and carved, India furniture is sturdy yet stylish. These appealing pieces are always great decorating ideas for adding that Indian influence.

Anglo-Indian furniture was created during the English colonial period in India. Inlaid with shell or bone, the intricate patterns definitely add a touch of India to a room. Anglo-Indian furniture and accessories are popular again today. Antiques are expensive but you can find new inlaid pieces that capture the style.

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Find more world influences at Design Shuffle, where you can see the work of talented designers, including Boston interior designers and San Francisco interior designers.


  1. I love to see all of the exotic colors and textures of Indian design. But, I really liked the image with the black and white bath- very unexpected!

  2. I know what you mean, Santa. I love all the vibrant colours used in Indian textiles, and yet that black and white bathroom, with the exquisite mirror, is stunning. xxx

  3. The information in your article is incredible. Very good article. It is very well written. I am looking forward for your more posts in the future.


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