Wednesday 22 February 2012

Flower Circles

I absolutely adore our latest artwork called Flower Circles. It brings a lot of my favourite things together - colour, pattern, flowers... and the intricate detail is just beautiful.
It makes a lovely couple with our Song print, don't you think? x


  1. It does work very well with the Song print- I really like the backdrop on both of these as well.

  2. The colours are just lovely Vic. We've had another wet, gray day today so all that colour and prettiness is perfect thank you! Annie x.

  3. Oh Vic, these are truly beautiful! I love getting my daily dose of bright colours here!

  4. These remind me of your Cush and Nooks banner Vic. So bright and fun!

    Abbey x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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