Tuesday 21 February 2012

Jane Denton

A few days ago I featured some artwork that I love, and one of my lovely readers that commented was the uber talented Jane Denton. Jane was originally a jewellery designer, but has moved on to textile art and design. I knew she was my kind of gal when I read her quote about colour (see below).

Jane started out making art for her own home when she couldn't find anything affordable that she really liked. Deceptively simple, each of Jane's pieces contains a harmony of colour and texture within the confines of a strict, geometrical framework. Each piece is handstitched with up to 5 editions of each design. They are finished in a smooth matt white box frame. To purchase one of her artworks visit her online shop, or they will also be available soon at Small Acorns in Wellington.


  1. Oh thanks Vic...I haven't come across her work before and it's gorgeous. So nice seeing some lovely colourful things coming out of NZ! Annie x.

  2. What a way to brighten up a Tuesday! I love that she has modernised an old-fashioned technique by using interesting shapes and bright colours. The heart is definitely my favourite!

  3. These are so bright and fun Vic! I love finding new artists :)

    Abbey x


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