Monday 20 February 2012

The gift that keeps giving

I apologise for my absence from the cyber world over the weekend, it was an extremely busy one for our family. We celebrated the 7th birthday of our twins - our babies! They had their dream day - a morning spent at Splash Planet (a water theme park), an afternoon spent with family eating birthday cake, and an evening out for dinner.

And, while the girls were busy enjoying their birthday gifts, I received a gift from myself!
I ordered Sibella Court's book Nomad, which I have wanted since it was released, and it finally arrived on Saturday. For those who don't already know about it, Sibella has created a beautiful collection of travel shots & styled spaces from her latest adventures through Japan, Italy, India, Syria & Mexico. The pages are divine, each one like a piece of art. I am devouring every page slowly... I've been to Japan, and half way through Italy. I can hardly wait to get to India & Mexico (I've had a sneaky peek, and the images are incredible).


  1. Good on you- taking the weekend off (especially to spend time with those two adorable girls), and giving yourself a wonderful book. Everything looks so colourful. Will have to look for this book over on my side.

  2. Oh, your girls are gorgeous and look so happy. What a lovely day. My baby is 7 too...and the 'elder baby' is turning 9 next month. I think these are the honeymoon years of kids - over being toddlers but pre the door slamming years. Glad you had such a lovely weekend with your family. Annie x.

  3. Your girls are just gorgeous Vic! Glad they had a lovely 7th Birthday! Your book looks lovely too, good on you for treating yourself to something special :) xo K

  4. This is one design book I couldn't put down.
    I read it straight away from cover to cover!!!
    Glad you had a great weekend...
    Tania Maree xx

  5. Gorgeous little girls you have, they look just like their mum. The book is also gorgeous, I will have to hunt it down and have a browse.

    The book reminds me of when I lived in Asia, I think the bright colours and the outdoor living. We used to have a balcony surrounded by Frangipani and Coconut palms. We would sit outdoors in the evening under the overhead fan having a cool drink...gosh I miss those days. Still NZ has it's benefits and Poppy and I are enjoying the wonderful weather we're having in Auckland right now.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lee x

  6. Happy birthday to the girls ... they look like gorgeous little monkeys!
    I too devoured Sibella's book over the weekend ... its a real treasure!
    Enjoy your week Vic.

  7. Hello! The book looks fab and so inspirational. Thank you for the tip! Happy birthday to your lovely twin girls! Sunny smiles from Sweden!

  8. How gorgeous are your girls Vic?! I'm a big fan of sibella too. My friend bought me her stylists guide to NYC for Christmas. Will need to get my hands on this one too :)

    Abbey x

  9. Belated happy birthday to your girls (who are beautiful btw)! This book wasn't even on my radar but it looks brilliant so I am popping over to Amazon right now to get it! Thanks Vic, looks like my weekend plans are sorted!


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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