Friday 17 February 2012

Posters & Prints

I had a cry for help yesterday from one of my lovely Facebook followers. She has moved into a new house and is looking for some artwork for her kitchen and bathroom. If you saw my post yesterday on the new bathroom, you'll see that anything goes really in terms of what you put on your walls - polaroids with washi tape look great. But following are just a few of my favs (some of which I've featured before). If anyone else has any suggestions, please leave a comment here on the blog, or on my FB page, with your recommendations for great art. TGIF! :)

I'm planning on getting the Limoncello print for our kitchen

This is the same artist as my Limoncello - click this link for much more

This is from one of my favourite Etsy shops - so many more to choose from

Love this one - reminds me of the lyrics from my fav running song, 'Stereo Hearts'

Super cool new prints from Foundry

This is my poster - check out this link for loads more vintage posters (and they ship to NZ)

These last three are available from my Cush & Nooks shop.
I haven't listed the last two yet, but you can email me if you're interested


  1. Hi, some gorgouse pics Vic! I'm a textile artist/designer and have recently started selling some of my pieces at

    I also love colour, so they are contemporary and bold.

    Great blog : )

  2. Such great choices Vic . Loving all the bright, bold colours :)

    Abbey x

  3. Love the black and white Kitchen Images, it's given me inspiration to paint something similar for my own kitchen.

    Thanks for sharing ☺


  4. You just can't go wrong with a brightly coloured bold print! I particularly love the 'Mixtape' print - off to investigate Etsy now!


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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