Wednesday 6 August 2014

Bathroom Wallpaper | Three Ways

Dael & I have both recently given our loos a makeover. I have a few final touches to finish mine, and once done I will be sharing our new looks with you all. We firmly believe that the smallest room in the house shouldn't be overlooked. It's a space you don't stay in for long, so you can afford to get a little adventurous, and what better way to do that than some amazing wallpaper?!


This gorgeous Fornasetti wallpaper would be fun to look at while you're on the loo!


I love this Banana Leaf wallpaper, it looks fantastic with black and white. If you find a lot of pattern too overwhelming you can add a dado rail and just wallpaper one half of the wall.


This might just be my favourite loo. The beautiful floral pattern with the black background is stunning against the brass fixtures. From the hallway you just catch a glimpse of the drama that's happening in that tiny room. The contrast against the clean white hallway walls is divine.

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  1. The floral wallpaper is indeed effective and would add sophistication and an upmarket mood to a plain powder room. That floral paper also suits the style of toilet ware in those images.


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