Friday 29 August 2014

Stunning Home Extension

Our little home is a constant work in progress, as I slowly turn it into our beautiful retreat. I always think of the kitchen (our last remaining room to renovate) as being the final piece of the puzzle. But as the kids are getting bigger at a remarkable rate, in a few years we will need to either move to a larger home, or extend this home. The home I'm about to show you has inspired me with the rear extension onto their double-fronted weatherboard house.

Techné Architecture + Interior Design collaborated with Doherty Design Studio
renovating the existing home to include 4 bedrooms, a study and open-plan living area.
The facade of the home was retained and a two-storey extension added, based on the form of a contemporary shipping container. The bright blue front door is the only hint that something extra special lies beyond.

There are lots of cool, creative touches throughout. I love the panel with the paint trickling down - the blue linking back to the front door.

Those office chairs are simply gorgeous and I will now be on the hunt for something similar. The leather cupboard handles are another clever touch.

The open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room open out onto a beautiful courtyard and garden. Looking up to the louvered windows of the second floor, it makes me want to explore up there to see how fabulous all the bedrooms are.

We do get to see the two bathrooms, which are both spectacular. I love the blue frame with the mirror filling roughly two thirds of it.

The wood with the white is beautiful. I love the hexagon tiles, and of course, those mirrors. Don't ask me where they're from, I've been looking and haven't found them yet.
If you know, please share with me :)


  1. Es típico decirlo, lo sé, pero me encanta la luz y el color del interior de esta casa... Y la puerta de entrada azul!!!!

  2. absolutely obsessed with this home. it's perfect in every way!

    1. I love it too Bec, I'm itching to add on to our place now x


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