Monday, 18 August 2014

Online Reading

I put some time aside over the weekend to catch up on some online magazine reading. The latest issue of Est Magazine is out, and I was really happy to hear that, after some reader feedback, they have decided to publish Est more regularly (monthly) but reduce the size of the magazine. The reason being that as many of us are becoming increasingly busy, we're more likely to be able to find ten minutes to put aside to read a magazine, than half an hour. I know that's a scary thought! I really believe in taking some time to 'breathe', but I can completely relate to being constantly time-poor.

For that same reason I have reduced the number of online magazines featured on my blog side panel down to my three favourites (see below, right hand panel). I was finding it hard to find the time to regularly update all of them, but with just three, it will be much more manageable. This latest Est has lots of fabulous content, but I particularly loved the cover home belonging to interior designer, Taimi Sanders.

I am completely envious of her kitchen/dining renovation, which is the last remaining room in my home that needs doing. Simple, clean lines with gorgeous furniture pieces, and beautiful materials is the key to this amazing home.

It's also the cover home in the latest issue of Rue Magazine that grabbed my attention. It's a one bedroom apartment in Sweden owned by school teacher, Emma Solveigsdotter. It was Emma's grandmother who inspired her interest in vintage furniture and pieces with history. She choses each piece for her home very carefully, which has helped her to create a warm and soulful home.

Make sure you give yourself some breathing time this week and check out both of these awesome mags in their entirety.

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