Tuesday 28 October 2014

AnthroFave | Pinterest

I love Anthropologie with it's mix of clothing, accessories, gifts, and home decor, often with a global vibe. With international shipping available I've bought several items so far and been very happy with them all. Recently, while on Pinterest, I've noticed #AnthroFave coming up a lot, and upon investigation discovered a group Pinterest board called Your Anthropologie Favorites. It's a place to share your favourite finds from this amazing store, whether it's a dress, a lipstick, a chair, anything you love... I've chosen a few of my fave items from the board, but there is so much more.

I applaud Anthropologie, it's a very clever marketing strategy. If you want to add your favourites to the board you just need to ask them for an invite. See the top of the Pinterest board for more details.

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