Monday 6 October 2014

Holiday House Hamptons

I came across the Holiday House Hamptons website in the weekend, and was inspired by it's concept. Founder, Iris Dankner, is passionate about interior design, and decided to combine it with her other passion of fundraising for breast cancer research. She created a fundraising event by inviting talented designers from across the US to transform the historic Academy Mansion on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Now an annual event, the 2014 Holiday House Hamptons is being held at Watchcase in Sag Harbor, showcasing stylish summer living and entertaining.

Each space is designed around a holiday or special moment in life that inspires the designer. These are some of my favourite rooms. Tamara Magel was inspired by European culture and the casual style of Sag Harbor. The clean and sophisticated palette reflects the beach and boating lifestyle of the area.

I love the mix of textures - the brick wall, the wooden floor and ceiling, and the sisal rug contrast the smooth marble and brass side table, and the black wall. Even the clever art piece above the bed features subtle texture. The throw and bedding add softness, and it's styled simply but beautifully to let each piece shine.

Campion Platt designed this master bedroom channeling the "straightforward sensual exuberance of a wealthy Hamptonite". They complemented the industrial nature of the room with soft feminine touches and a bold colour palette.

The floral theme carries on into the bathroom, which I adore. The same colours are used to link the two rooms, but in a much more subtle way.

This study/bedroom is the work of Bjørnen Design, and the theme, Seahorse Country, is a playful reference to the surrounding coastal sea life and equestrian culture of East End farms. The beautiful aquatic tones and patterns are quite stunning, and the rustic wooden coffee tables adds some weight and grounds the space.

The fun continues into the bathroom which is a jungle of plants bringing delicious texture, not to mention life!

This would be such a fun project for a designer - creating a space with no client, only unlimited imagination! I would LOVE it! To see more of the rooms pop over here, where Houzz contributor, and photographer, Rikki Snyder, gives us a rundown.

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