Wednesday 8 October 2014

Why It Works

Pinterest is an important tool for me and my work, and it's a great source of inspiration. When I come across an image I love, I pin it to one of my boards, and I also often share it on my Facebook page. Today I have chosen a few random, beautiful images with the purpose of explaining to you why I like them, and why they work...

I'm drawn to strong, graphic elements, and this large painted "N" is a fantastic alternative to a smaller wooden or metal letter representing your child's name. If you have a statement piece of furniture, artwork or element in your room, give it maximum impact by keeping the surrounding elements simple and pared-back. Your eye will be drawn to the "hero" piece and will not be fighting with things around it.


Likewise in this room, the colour palette is quiet and subtle, allowing the framed photography to shine. When it comes to artwork, bigger is better, in my eyes.


There are always exceptions to the rule, though. In this image the wall sconce and small framed print work beautifully together. The wall sconce does it's job to light the room, and the artwork helps to anchor the light so it doesn't just 'float' on the wall. As well as lighting the room the sconce also highlights the artwork.


This artwork is anchored by the furniture below. The three pieces enhance each other and work together to form a triangle that keeps your eye moving comfortably around. This is one of my most favourite little settings, I love everything about it from the arrangement, to the pattern and colour, and the pieces themselves. No surprise that I love it when it's from the home of my favourite artist, Miranda Skoczek.


I love to find solutions for decorating small nooks, you can find one each month in Your Home & Garden's "Nook of the Month". This little dining nook is perfect for when you don't have a big space. Having a built-in bench seat means you can push the table up close to the wall, and it also serves as a lovely spot for relaxing. The large mirror is a trusty tool for creating the illusion of more space, and here it also reflects more light into the room providing a lovely airy feel.


It's no secret I love round tables. They're not right for every room, but they are great when your dining area is open plan and a thoroughfare through to other areas of your home. The nature of the circle means it's easier to move around it.


I'll be bringing you more of these "Why It Works" posts. If you have any interior questions feel free to email them to me, and I may be able to address them in one of these posts.

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