Friday 31 October 2014

Caz Novak | Artist

I have recently discovered the work of a very talented Wellington-born artist, Caz Novak. After completing a three-year course at Wellington College of Education, majoring in art, Caz went on to teach art, and for the last 17 years has been working as a full-time artist. She is well known for her vibrant use of colour, which is obviously what drew me to her work, as well as her stunning treatment of the paint. "My work is constantly evolving through my exploration of paint" Caz says. "It is an exciting medium which presents unlimited potential for development".

Living in a beautiful part of New Zealand, Caz's Taranaki home on the beach inspired her popular Pacifica series. Her two most recent series, Opulence and Flux, are a response to broader influences and a move to abstraction. The Flux series explores the fluid movement of paint, resulting in very organic and energetic pieces. Caz allows the paint to freely interact, with the colours colliding and dispersing. This gorgeous "Flux - She Like to Party" print has only just been released. I love it's playfulness and exuberance.

"Flux - Float" is a favourite of mine. You can interpret it in any way, but to me it's definitely water, and I find it both calming, and energising. Unfortunately for me, this piece has sold, but Caz is more than happy to work with clients on creating the perfect piece for their decor.

The Opulence series is strongly influenced by landscape and botanical references. Caz almost sculpts the paint to create the most divine texture, bringing each piece to life. They have a luminous quality gained from layers of the vibrant impasto paint.  From a distance they are stunning, but up close they are sublime!

Caz's paintings are held in private collections around the world, with the latest Opulence piece heading to a lucky owner in Dubai. To keep up to date with all of Caz's work and see her latest available paintings, make sure you sign up to her 'Previews' mailing list. If you want to discuss a commission with Caz, or visit her home studio in Taranaki, she'd love to hear from you. Or you can check out her prints available to purchase. A Caz Novak artwork will most definitely add joy to your home.


  1. Ahhh, these are amazing! Thanks for sharing Vic X

    1. Yes, perfect for colour loves like us Alannah :) x

  2. These are incredible!! Definitely be adding one of these beautiful pieces to my christmas list!

  3. Wow these are beautiful, what a talented lady!

  4. Go Caz!! Beautiful pictures ☺️


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