Tuesday 23 August 2011

Chiang Mai Dragon Wallpaper

I have wanted to wallpaper the wall in our entranceway for a while now, but have been procrastinating because I can't make up my mind on which design. I've always loved Woods by Cole & Son featured here. Then I started veering towards a more simple geometric pattern like here. But now I'm thinking that I love this gorgeous Chiang Mai Dragon wallpaper. Terrible indecision (I'm a Libran!), but spoilt for choice!

Pics via: here and here


  1. Oh Vic, we are kindred spirits! I'm a libran too and so indecisive! I've been pondering wallpaper choices for months but am too scared to commit! That being said, love all your choices. Am sure whatever you choose will look great :) Abbey x

  2. So true Abbey, I often think, when reading your beautiful blog, that we must've been separated at birth - although I think I may have a few years on you ; ) We seem to be very similar in our tastes. Let me know when you make your decision, and I will too. xxx

  3. I love this pattern. Can you tell me if it comes in a fabric and who it's by??

    1. Hi Jo, it's great isn't it. Yes, it does come in fabric too. It's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric by Schumacher.


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